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Looking to selling your boat? Aviso Yacht Sales offers a professional approach to selling boats. Our experience and expertise bring faster and more efficient results. Our extensive knowledge on most brands and categories of boats coupled with our sales techniques, methodology and after sales service gets results fast. We know what buyers are looking for and will advise you on how to make your boat appealing to prospective boat buyers. Our close relationships with industry professionals locally and internationally lead to a quicker sale.


Firstly, we work with our clients to gather as much information about their boat as possible. We combine this knowledge with completed sales data (not available to the public) and analyze information on currently listed boats to come up with an appropriate listing price for our client. We calculate the best price that we can get for a particular boat and strive to achieve or exceed that. We all know the bad results of pricing too high or pricing too low, so Aviso Yacht Sales utilizes its ‘insider knowledge’ and gets you the best results fast.

 Complete this form and one of our qualified brokers will begin the appraisal.

We are “real estate agents” on the water and specialize in the marketing of boats. We get the maximum exposure locally and internationally on a continuous basis by utilizing industry professional websites, MLS (Yachtworld), magazines, trade shows, and direct marketing campaigns. We also maintain a large customer database of potential buyers and are constantly in contact with them sharing new listings and current market conditions. Being able to bring together the seller and buyer in a time efficient way, means a sale can be achieved in a very short time.


We work very closely with other yacht brokerages and therefore regularly enter into a co-brokerage arrangement. This maximizes the exposure for our clients who want to sell their boat. Brokerages that have a buyer on their books, but not necessarily right boat to sell, will call on other brokerages that have the right inventory. This makes it essential to have your boat available for co-brokerage listing arrangements with us. Brokers share the commission you have agreed to pay with a boat sold under a co-brokering contract and so won’t cost you a penny more.


This is the aspect of the sales process that most people avoid.

Aviso Yacht Sales acts as an independent third party between the seller and buyer and is therefore unbiased.

We will negotiate on the basis of market value and price achievable (supply and demand economics) and leave all emotion out of the equation in order to achieve a fair deal.

Saving you time:

Your time is valuable!

As professional brokers, we spend the time and resources to manage all aspects of the sale.

We are always available to answer phone calls and inquiries and to arrange viewings of your boat at short notice. Once we have found a buyer, we put together the offer, negotiate the terms and close the deal.

We then make all the arrangements for the haul out, survey, mechanical inspections, and sea trial, all of which we attend to on the sellers' behalf.

The Legalities:

Managing the legal aspects of the Sales Contract is an important part of any sale. As professional brokers, we understand the legal aspects of the sales process, such as the offer process, encumbrances, special conditions, transfer of title and also operate trust accounts to hold deposit funds. We are often selling boats internationally and are therefore familiar with cross border transactions and the import/export of boats, making it a pain-free process for our clients.

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