Our Marine Documentation Service Will…

  1. Give you peace of mind
  2. Save you money
  3. Minimize the risks commonly associated with buying, owning and operating boats
  4. Protect you, your boat and your boating business transaction


Our Marine Documentation Service department is staffed by professional Closing Agents who focus on every detail of the closing process. We provide each transaction with:

  • A purchase and sales agreement that protects both buyer and seller. It clearly outlines terms, subjects, timing, dates, acceptance, and conditional acceptances. We hold a deposit securing the deal in trust, collect and then disperse remaining funds.
  • Comprehensive lien searches on both the sellers and the vessel
  • Professional preparation of all buyer and seller documents with closing statements including a bill of sale.
  • Collection and disbursement of funds
  • We pay off existing liens and file the appropriate reconveyance documents with the appropriate agency
  • Provincial licensing
  • Federal Vessel Registrations

As each transaction may be slightly different, please contact us for our rates. We look forward to assisting you!

Owning a boat is meant to be fun, exciting, and full of adventure. Buying the boat, however, can often, at times be clouded with confusion, including the complexity of title transfers, maritime liens, licensing, registration, and all the different aspects involved. In an industry where there are a considerable amount of private sales, vigilant purchasers will seek a third-party professional to assist them with the documentation process. Aviso’s Marine Documentation Service simplifies the process and provides comfort to both purchasers and sellers bringing together a seamless transaction where you can be confident that all the paperwork has been taken care of, correctly! You’re spending a lot of money… protect yourself!






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