Current Market Conditions

This is a great time for boat owners who have been thinking of selling their boat to make the move now. Boat sales are up significantly due to the influx of American buyers taking advantage of the US/ CDN exchange rate and are looking north for quality boats. Boats in good condition that have been well maintained are selling very quickly for top dollar. We have even seen a few deals where clients have actually made money on the sale of their boats. This, as we all know, is almost unheard of in the marine industry. While the market is HOT we would strongly encourage people who have not been using their boat or have been thinking of selling, to give us a call to see what your boat could fetch on the market. We offer free market evaluations. We have an awesome marketing program and work very closely with top US/ international brokerages in order to maximize the exposure of your vessel which intern will give you the best chance at getting top dollar! Now is the time to sell! Please don’t hesitate to contact us for your FREE MARKET EVALUATION!

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