Selling Your Boat
Selling your boat? Here are 6 ways Aviso Yacht Sales will help sell your boat quicker, with less hassle and for more money.
Buying A Boat
Thinking of buying a boat? We suggest following these 6 essential steps. They will ensure you are heading in the right direction! A great guide for people buying their dream boat!
Looking for Financing? Dealer Finance has been helping people finance their dream boats for many years... fill in the application for to get started!
Current Market Conditions
This is a great time for boat owners who have been thinking of selling their boat to make the move now. Boat sales are up significantly due to the influx of American buyers taking advantage of the US/ CDN exchange
Marine Insurance
Our insurance broker, Navis Marine Insurance is on standby to answer any questions you may have regarding marine insurance coverage. Please feel free to contact them for a free quote.
Selling For Top Dollar
The goal of all boat sellers is to sell fast for the best price. This article outlines a number of "best practice steps" that will help in achieving this goal.
Vessel Licences & Registration
Licensing is generally used as a form of computerised identification for your yacht. Licensing is free and very different from registration.
The Surveyor
When looking to purchase, finance, or insure a boat, you will need a independent marine surveyor, attached to this article is a list of Surveyors.
Safe Boating Guide
The safe boating guide, is a great resource for information relating to general regulations, required safety equipment for specific vessel lengths etc.
Charter Programs
A great guide on how to affray (amortise/reduce) the cost of owning a yacht by "sharing it". This article discusses the whys and wherefores.
Appraise My Boat
Before selling your boat you need to understand what it is worth - we offer a free valuation service - complete this form to get an idea.
Do you have your PCOC?
All Canadian boat operators must carry proof of competency - normally a Pleasure Craft Operator Card. Read more on this page.

Yacht Listings

Current Price: CAD$ 199 999.00
Current Price: CAD$ 489 900.00
Current Price: CAD$ 95 000.00
Current Price: CAD$ 35 000.00
Current Price: CAD$ 129 000.00
Current Price: CAD$ 29 900.00
Current Price: CAD$ SOLD
Current Price: CAD$ SOLD
Current Price: CAD$ SOLD
Current Price: CAD$ SOLD
Current Price: CAD$ SOLD
Current Price: CAD$ 199 000.00
Current Price: CAD$ SOLD
Current Price: CAD$ 64 999.00
Current Price: CAD$ 28 000.00
Current Price: CAD$ SOLD
Current Price: CAD$ 149,000.00

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